Any share of penmanship with the proviso of leaving there "

Yves Klein Paris Sorbonne june 1959


 Intuition in motion


 Lines and colors are vibrational sources, notes that build sets, create balances.

I become a composer and my wand is my brush. To find the right note, I'm here with little.


I choose simplicity, verticality, brush, ink or black acrylic, paper and a simple regular line as a path.

I concentrate and the brush evolves like a snake. I guess the line as it advances, like an animal,

which evolves, or as branches grows.


Feel the spaces, move like a dance.

The support becomes symbolic of a space of conquest, an exploratory territory of myself and beyond.

The forms come and when the magic operates I am the medium, aware of being able to solicit or

awaken other parts of myself by this graphic meditation.


To be both the vector AND the observer of this line that comes to me so that I give it life.

I let go to welcome this improvised writing that owes nothing to chance.

Solids and voids succeed one another, dimensions multiply and if the intention is minimalist,

a complex labyrinth often develops, like a vibratory expansion that I can grasp and conclude.


The metal goes into resonance, amplifies and invites to see and touch.

Its perfect cut respects each movement and its texture brings brilliance and strength.

The metal of the forges of the earth adds to the drawing the infinite time.

Fixed near the wall, the light - thanks to the shadow - animates the object as a second presence.

 In a virtual world of images, the object takes its place near us.


                   Stéphane CAUCHEFER                    Novembre 2017 FRANCE


in Korea Juin 2016
in Korea Juin 2016
Pékin 2016 La cité interdite
Pékin 2016 La cité interdite
Tokyo 2016
Tokyo 2016



two large artist whom I love


Jean Tinguely et Yves Klein

Paris 1958



Et puis...

Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages

Chilida, Fabienne Verdier...